Growing Africa is designed to be a source for interpreted information on integrating improved nutrient management practices into African food systems.


Growing Africa is a new semi-annual, digital publication initiated by the African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI) to provide a forum serving stakeholders interested in Africa-centric plant nutrition science. The publication seeks to strengthen connections within the research community in Africa, and promote impactful solutions, programs and activities. Growing Africa‘s focus is actionable scientific information to enable Agricultural Research for Development.

As a provider of practical information, Growing Africa serves a target audience of agricultural practitioners (agronomists, extension workers, agri-business) as well as advanced farmers, university students, researchers, academics, supply and value chain stakeholders, and policy makers.

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Growing Africa is designed to be full of learning opportunities ranging from interpretive research stories from the field, review articles explaining agronomic concepts, and illustrative examples built around published research. Our Style Guide provides more background for potential authors.