By Gavin Sulewski

A new concerted focus on the issues surrounding soil health in Africa is about to take center stage. Later this year, the African Union will be holding its highly anticipated Summit on Fertilizer and Soil Health (AFSH), which “seeks to build a more dynamic African fertilizer market that addresses the primary soil health constraints on the continent… to bring together high-level stakeholders to reach an agreement on a 10-year action plan for sustainable productivity growth in African agriculture.” This forum holds much promise as a new inflection moment of redirection that will be well informed by the impacts felt, and vulnerabilities identified, from the most recent waves of fertilizer and food supply disruption in Africa. 

It is our pleasure to able to dedicate this issue of Growing Africa to soil health-related issues for Africa through a series of articles authored by leaders in soil fertility and plant nutrition research for development in Africa. In the months leading up to the Summit, our contributors have been guiding the progress within technical and policy workgroups, pre-conference background publications, as well as the defining 10- year action plan and declaration that will ultimately arise from the Summit. 

We acknowledge and appreciate our authors contributions during these busy days. They have provided us with a broad range of topics that crisply illustrate the key considerations, recommendations, and strategies needed to build upon the current momentum that is supporting soil health science in Africa. 

Thank you for your continued interest in Growing Africa. We continue to strive to provide unique and practical information for those with a direct stake in the use and adaptation of agricultural knowledge for Africa. Please also take a moment to participate in one of the publication’s forums. Considering a submission? Review our guide for authors available from our website, and contact us for more details on how you can participate. 

Sincerely yours, 

Gavin Sulewski, APNI Senior Editor & Communications Manager 


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