Announcing Launch of the APNI Photo Contest 

Join our challenge to shine a light on plant nutrition research and development in Africa through photography. Your contributions will help build a valuable forum and educational resource …plus winners are eligible for a cash prize of US$250! 

Our contest is accepting entries till July 2023 after which we will announce our winners. This year our contest is built around two categories. 

Category 1: Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms in Crops 
If you find yourself scouting fields and spot a striking example of a nutrient deficiency symptom, why not take a moment to capture it for our contest. We are looking for well framed examples that we can publish with full credit to the photographer. Need help distinguishing the symptoms? Consult the general reference diagram provided on the contest website https://apni.net/photo-contest

Ideally your images would be supported by a short description of the location and what you saw. If you have any background on how the crop was managed, or any analytical data, please include that in your description for the benefit of others, and to help our evaluation. 

Category 2: Plant Nutrition Research in Action 
Our contest’s second theme is looking to capture images of plant nutrition in action in Africa. We are especially looking for images that describe either: 1) Climate & Weather Smart Plant Nutrition, 2) Soil Health & Improved Livelihoods, or 3) Precision Nutrient Management. Who knows? You may be featured on the next cover of Growing Africa! 

For more details about the contest and how to submit your entry visit https://apni.net/photo-contest


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