Discover Our 2022 Annual Report: Towards Transformation 

Defined as a marked change in form, nature, or appearance for better, “transformation” aptly articulates the modus operandi of the African Plant Nutrition Institute since its inception. Transformation is key for any organization to be relevant. Especially when changes in its operating environment are so abrupt and encompassing. Early 2022 brought a surge in geo-political conflict capable of short-circuiting the plant nutrition and food production sectors globally, but particularly for Africa, where fertilizer became even more scarce and costly within the lowest fertilizer using continent. 

While fertilizer is unquestionably the central pivot for improving crop productivity in Africa, high prices and low access continue to make it a difficult choice for farmers. This intensifies the downward spiral towards lower crop productivity, extensive land degradation, and subsistence livelihoods within African communities. Millions of Africans became more food insecure as input and output markets ceased to function adequately due to the recent disruptions. 

Our 2022 Annual Report is not only a celebration of our activities this past year, but also our partnerships and collaborations across the African continent and beyond. The national agricultural research and extension systems (NARES) of several countries, the CGIAR institutions, and many other public and private organizations contributed to our understanding of the nuances of crop nutrition in diverse African agro-ecologies and how to manage them for greater public good. They help us do credible science, stay contextually relevant and legitimate, and act nimbly for impact. 

View and download your copy of our report here: https://apni.net/annual-reports


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